2 allée Pierre-Gilles de Gennes, 26800 Étoile-sur-Rhône
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2 allée Pierre-Gilles de Gennes
26800 Étoile-sur-Rhône

06 29 62 93 93

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

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Day 1

Welcome - 1:00 pm

Welcome drink
Presentation Circle

The Wim Hof Method - Part. 2

*What - Why - How - Who?

Team Building - 1:30 pm

*Cognitive games
*Warm up - balance - movement - ATB
*Movement - Animal Flow

Q&A - 4:30pm

*Dynamic exchanges-Questions-Challenges-Exercises

History The Wim Hof Method

*A little history
*The founder & us
*The 3 pillars

Breathing circle

*5 techniques to prepare for sleep

The Breath

*The basic WHM exercise & its keys
*Preparation of the breathing space
*WHM Breathing Circle - 40mn

Exposure to cold

*Our physiology in the face of cold (Cardiovascular system)
*The shock of cold
*Ice bath

Free evening

Day 2

Shadow Yoga or QI GONG - 8h00

*Shadow Yoga class with Roni
*QI GONG class with Andreas

Break - 12:30 pm

*Collation and preparation of bags

Meditation in the cold - 8:40 am

*Breathing fire

Hiking - 1:30 pm

*Start for a hike in the cold (t-shirt and shorts)

Breakfast - 9:15 am


Movement - Animal Flow - 10h00

*Warm Up
*Paired games
*Movement - Animal Flow

Science & Theory - 5:30 pm

*Stress - How it works
*The immune system

The Breathing Space - 11:00 am

*Functional breathing: e.g. Oxygen Advantage
*Work on the 3 breathing spaces : ex. Pranayama
*WHM Breathing 30 min

Evening meal - Free evening

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