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VitalIce, individual & group workshops - Wim Hof Method, Movement, Breathing

Our Cold, Breathing, Movement courses in 2024?

2024 marks a turning point for VitalICE.

It's time to turn the page on 6 years of passionate work, and start afresh. No training courses planned, for a time I still don't know... I'll be present on a single partnership from October 4 to 6, 2024 with Clowns Collectifs

Lydie-Anne LAVILLE - Founder VitaICE

Icy immersions

Nature, ice baths, exhibition walk

Preparation and warm-up

Breathing circle, chest preparation, relaxation


Mouvement culture, Animal Flow, Gaga Style, games



In 5 years the methods of breathing and exposure to cold have made a giant leap in public opinion. Little known a few years ago, today they attract the attention of millions of people of all nationalities. 

This craze for voluntary cold exposure and breathing methods has recently become more popular thanks to the famous Dutchman Wim Hof - aka The Ice Man.

With his record-breaking feats, aimed at demonstrating that the body and mind are destined to achieve far more than we think, he attracts the attention of the media. In 2007, he began to attract the attention of science. Hof succeeded in a crazy gamble: demonstrating to the scientific world that we can influence our immune and autonomic nervous systems, and do so voluntarily. What followed was a series of scientific studies approaching the Dutchman Wim Hof's method and his ability to influence some of our body's automated mechanisms.

Some of these studies are available here

What about all this? Well, through breathing and cold exposure methods, a significant potential of vitality and well-being is at hand, and you don't need to hold 25 world records to benefit from it!

VitalICE is dedicated to accompanying you through these powerful elementary keys: the language of the breath and the physiological responses of the body to the cold: thermogenesis, beneficial stress (hormesis), neuroplasticity, vitality work...

We take you on this adventure to the heart of your potential. We lay the groundwork to build a wellness routine based on an understanding of the body and its reactions.

What about you? Are you too ready to take the plunge, overcome your fears, kill routine, and develop the vitality potential hidden in breath, movement and the body's innate adaptability? 

Welcome to VitalICE

We offer workshops, weekends and retreats in exceptional locations. At the heart of these events are two main pillars: the approach to our body and mind, or mindset, via therapeutic methods. The aim of this approach? Well-being and a better understanding of the body and its physiology. 

We discover the body's "toolbox" and its archaic survival mechanisms. We try to experience it when it moves, when it warms up; how our mind conditions us. Stress, that powerful friend who becomes an enemy when out of control.


These themes are at the heart of our workshops, and it's through simple, powerful and pragmatic tools such as ice, breathing and movement that we'll explore this wonderful body.



The body relies on a balance that it constantly seeks. It also has natural reactions to escape sources of discomfort. It then mobilizes some of our resources such as the "physiological response to cold", by releasing certain hormones, but also the reaction to any stress by activating the cardiovascular system and muscles etc.

We can learn to seek out, control and use its reactions for beneficial purposes. A modern lifestyle, despite all the advantages it offers, tends to take us away from certain sources of discomfort and to make us more and more static, amorphous.

Breathing, cooling and mindfulness activate pathways to reactivate our underutilized body resources. They are shortcuts that instantly connect us to our nervous system. With a few keys, we can then influence and calm it.

What do we do during an internship?

People come to discover, learn and/or perfect their approach to the cold; they learn to make better use of their breathing and their mind, and they use movement to fight against our habits (very static positions in particular). The way we live today is not in tune with the way the body works when exposed to the cold. We need to relearn movement in all its dimensions in order to find natural solutions to the cold.


At the start of the VitalICE adventure, we only taught the Wim Hof method. Then, in 2021, we met Roni, and intuitively integrated her into our course.

She's an Israeli teacher trained by Karin Bensabat, a pupil of Ido Portal, founder of #mouvmentculture. Since then, she's been with us on every adventure.

Thanks to her, we will also move our whole body through her exercises of Movement - Animal Flow, her Yoga and intuitive dance classes.


Why do we combine these approaches?

I'd say they're improving each other.

The Wim Hof Method helps us mobilize incredible energy and balance, making the mind clearer and the body more available.

Movement either prepares the body or circulates the energy generated in the body. It helps avoid storing the Cortisol generated by exercise in the tissues.

It helps to "break the ice" between participants through games, to prepare the body properly before cold exercises: in short, it is indispensable to us in one form or another.

Exposure to the cold, Breathing and Movement combined with a well-oriented mind, are extremely complementary in the end.



Our work tools in detail!

The Wim Hof Method

The Wim Hof Method: A simple wellness routine to strengthen and reconnect Body & Mind. It's named after its founder, Dutchman Wim Hof.

It is easily and regularly practiced, and consists of 3 powerful pillars: 

  • THE MENTAL - Mental focus & visualization
  • BREATHING - techniques from WHM (inspired by Pranayama)
  • THE COLD - Progressive immersion in the cold (ice baths - cold baths)

We originally trained at WHM, and were largely inspired by its energy and principles. Over the years, however, we've brought a broader framework to the table than that imposed by the brand. Our approach is meant to be gentler, more explored than the ice cube bath, safer than what you see on social networks.

We will practice progressively and in symbiosis these 3 pillars during the course. And learn the physiological and scientific principles and keys.


The first pillar of the Wim Hof Method® is breathing. We breathe all day long, but most of us are unaware of the enormous potential of the breath. The specific breathing technique of the Wim Hof Method allows for: more energy, reduced stress levels and a boosted immune response, which results in a faster treatment of pathogens.


The most subtle pillar and certainly the cornerstone of the Wim Hof Method®, but also of any practice: The mind. It is the foundation of the other two pillars: exposure to cold and conscious breathing require patience and dedication to fully master. Armed with focus and determination, you are ready to explore and eventually master your body and mind.


Cold is your warm friend and is one of the three pillars of the Wim Hof® Method. Proper exposure to cold triggers a cascade of health benefits, including the accumulation of brown adipose tissue and resulting fat loss, reduced inflammation that allows for a fortified immune system, balanced hormone levels, improved sleep quality and the production of endorphins that naturally elevate your mood.

The Culture Movement

It's a set of tools and methods designed to improve mobility and expand the vocabulary of movement. The approach is based on quantity and quality, covering as many parts of the body as possible and seeking mobility, aesthetics and a deeper, more subtle layer of movement.

During a session we move in an intensive and diversified way. This training will adapt to your level by always offering a new challenge. We incorporate different types of exercises and games: cardio, muscle strengthening, mobility, balance, movement in a sequence, gentle acrobatics, breathing, working in pairs, working with objects: balls, sticks etc. and often with music! 

It's fun, and challenging at the same time. You become stronger in your body and feel more "complete". You also contribute to your health and rediscover that the more you move, the more you can move.

This approach: the #movementculture is inspired by Ido Portal https://www.idoportal.com, and it is now a culture that is gaining popularity because of its health and mental benefits.


In general, we offer a range of "Movement" practices: Movement Culture, Shadow Yoga, Gaga dance, Animal Flow to broaden and enrich the experience!

"Movement culture represents a contemporary paradigm shift in physicality, moving us away from the main culprits of movement and fitness as well as the separation between health, aesthetics, performance and art."

Ido Portal

Shadow Yoga


Movement Culture

Animal Flow

Take a deep breath!

Would you like to try out a Wim Hof breathing experience for free, before you start a course? Here is a guide available to show you in 45 minutes how this powerful breathing method can dramatically change your state!

Practical information about VitalIce

Practical information

About us


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We offer courses mainly in the Rhône-Alpes region and in Sweden.

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Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday


For any specific request, or information that would not appear on this site, please use the contact form (link below)

Internships in partnership

Clowns & WHM Workshop

Collaboration Clowns Collectif



A bi-annual workshop dedicated to the art of clowning, breathing and cold! 

Finding one's place in a group, approaching the repressed facets of the ego, with serenity. Clown training is a work of welcoming the self in all its dimensions, with respect. 

Immersion in the ice and breathing techniques from the Wim Hof Method help to calm a restless mind, overcome limiting fears and welcome a rarely experienced inner strength. 

WHM & Movement

Crossfit SMLV

11.06.2023 Discover and experience new and fun ways to move, move around and connect with your body. Also learn simple and effective wellness techniques to strengthen and reconnect Body & Mind. 

Ido Portal's Movement Culture is a movement method that aims to improve mobility, strength and overall performance through movement. It is based on a holistic and integrated method to improve physical fitness and personal experience. 

Movement & Breathing

Collaboration L'Art du Mouvement

A workshop around the more subtle qualities of movement, the senses, space, textures and the availability of the body to move. The movement experience is complemented by a session on breath work.


Open days!

Saturday, August 26 from 10:00 to 14:00 - Au bois de l'Utopie (26 - Drôme)

A half-day to try out new ways of moving together, the art of using your breath, and the many virtues of cold! 

There will be 4 45-minute workshops to help you take your first steps with the VitalICE pillars.

Get out of your comfort zone, discover new horizons, or prepare for the new school year with new objectives and a simple methodology adapted to everyone.

30 entries are available, with a maximum of 10 people per workshop, so you can rotate at will and try out the mini-workshops on your own. 



Movement workshop : 45 minutes with Roni Zuntz.

Wim Hof Breathing Workshop : 45 mins with Lydie.

Breathing workshop : 45 mn Pranayama and opening the breath with Andreas.

Atelier du Froid : final workshop (all together), 45 minutes and discovery of cold with Lydie.

*A short practical introduction is offered before each workshop.

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*Cost of a ticket: 30 euros.

*Registration required. Payment on site possible on request (cash & credit card, *checks not accepted).

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