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WHM & Movement Fundamentals" course
Drôme 28.05.2023

Photos: Sylvain Champy

WHM & Movement Fundamentals" training day
Omblèze 11.06.2022

Photos: Sylvain Champy

WHM Fundamentals & Movement" weekend
Écrins 15-17.04.2022

Photos: Sylvain Champy

WHM & Movement Fundamentals" course
Drôme 19.03.2023

WHM Fundamentals" course
Stokholm - Klippan - Styresta 2020-2021

Photos: Amanda Gustafsson

Fundamentals course - Drôme 2023

Cum haec taliaque sollicitas eius aures everberarent expositas semper eius modi rumoribus et patentes, varia animo tum miscente consilia, tandem id ut optimum factu elegit: et Vrsicinum primum ad se venire summo cum honore mandavit ea specie ut pro rerum tunc urgentium captu.

No 5-day retreat planned at this time!


5 days Backpacking (Sweden)

Under construction for 2023
In the heart of the raw forest, in Sweden, you will put to good use the techniques of Breathing, of immersion in the Cold, ride a trained Mind and make your potential a real Swiss Army knife. Accompanied by two certified instructors to transmit the Wim Hof Method in action, and a bushcraft expert to initiate you into the language of the forest, you will rediscover what it means to be "One with Nature"...


Implementation & referencing Simplébo


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