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The VitalIce Team

"Alone we go faster, together we go further.

- African proverb

In 2017, I started out on my own, accompanying people who crossed my path, friends and family alike, with a concern for their well-being. The desire to help people has always driven me, never leaving anyone without a solution to a major problem is an obsession.

I've also seen many women in the same situation as me: separated, divorced with children and a Life, a Self to rebuild. These women had lost their sense of adventure, or perhaps they'd never really had it? 

Taking them by the hand and leading them through their fears in the ice, in nature in a roaring waterfall to immerse themselves in the very source of La Force Brute: that was my vision. 

Then Andreas, my Swedish companion joined me in 2019 to organize our first weekends around health through cold, breathing and the mind. And in 2021 Roni, to bring the Movement Culture: moving differently.

My DNA and that of VitalICE, which I founded, is a small, international, people-oriented team, with activities around the mind-body connection. This team invites you to go beyond your limits in a spirit of benevolence. Tools are one thing, transmission channels are another: we seek diversity, openness, to the limits of the body, but also towards others; different horizons, complementary approaches.

The body breathes, moves and experiences its full potential. Today, Team V enables us to offer you a truly complete, out-of-this-world, out-of-time, international experience: everything I love.


Lydie-Anne LAVILLE - Founder VitalICE

Lydie-Anne Laville - France

Founder & Certified Wim Hof Method Instructor - Pranayama training in progress

A severe burn-out brought me to WHM. The power and chemistry generated by the exercises acted as a great reset. A direct route to the raw power of the body-mind.

Cold baths in waterfalls, rivers, lakes and breathing routines have given me simple and powerful resources to combat the deep anxiety, sleep deprivation and chronic stress of my single parent life.

My desire is to show a natural and simple path through our own physiology. Overcoming limiting beliefs and rediscovering innate tools to express the strength of our nature. Exposed to the cold, the vulnerability of our body provokes a reflex of adaptability common to all. And from there our strength explodes and provokes a positive response!



Andreas Gustafsson - Sweden

Certified Wim hof Method & Pranayama Instructor

Andreas is originally from Stockholm. He grew up just a stone's throw away from the Tyresta National Reserve with its lakes and wild forests. The discovery of Wim Hof transformed him. Step by step he was able to leave heavy medication, under the watchful eye of doctors in Sweden, and start a new way of living. He organises and leads the VitalIce courses in Sweden and co-leads the courses in France.

During a workshop, his calm and soothing presence inspires us to enter into ourselves. He guides us with his deep sounding drum and his deep and calming breathing methods. He teaches Pranayama first and foremost, offering "meditative journeys" to the sound of the drum. His story inspired Wim Hof and his daughters asked him to leave a testimony of his transformation experience in the bestseller "Wim Hof the Wim Hof Method" - written by Wim Hof himself.

They work with us!

Movement-Animal Flow

Roni is originally from Israel. She teaches Movement. In her workshops, she focuses on the circulation of energy in the body, using Animal Flow, Gaga, Yoga and other methods.

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Clown Art

Virginie leads workshops for adults in search of that clownish energy, that strange and wonderful traveler out of time!
Inspired by pleasure and joy, she practices several approaches to body expression and well-being in connection with clowning.



Sylvain is an architect who, over the years and through his travels, has developed a singular eye for photography. He joined the Vitalice team at the end of 2021 to accompany and immortalize those special moments during our training courses. 

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Amanda has been our photographer in Sweden since the beginning of VitalICE. She studies design, has a keen eye for detail, a perfectionist's eye for discretion... she knows how to capture the intimacy in a photo, but also how to bring the image to life with her visual talents.

They're talking about it!

Katrin Berndt


It was interesting and definitely a day I will never forget. I did manage to do more than I thought was possible for myself and I survived, thanks to the wonderful instructors. I am very happy with the workshop and would recommend it to anyone who is curious about pushing their own imagined boundaries.

Influencer - Sweden


Jean Baptiste Chandesris


This weekend definitly gave a good kick to my practice.
Lydie-anne has a great instructor life in front of her.

Mountain guide

Tom & Dorte Munk


As Tom reserved for the whole family, here is the feed back from each one of us.
Five star experience (& 5* instructors!)
A new beginning for me! The Journey to reconnect with my own body and mind has just begun and I'm excited about it.
BIG THANKS to Lydie and Andreas (hi guys, if you read this) who clearly had things in hand and worked exceptionally well as a tandem team, with Lydie in the lead. And this despite 1) a nasty thunderstorm crashing through during one of our breathing sessions (thanks Andreas for saving all our boots!) and 2) a waterfall that had swollen to such gigantic proportions quick re-group and change of waterfall was needed: Bravo guys for your agile thinking and reaching the objectives! Tell you what: I'll be back once that magnificent waterfall has "calmed down a bit" and allows for safe immersion :-D

Startup Co-founder, Management Consultant & Author



Just a short message about our weekend in the mountains.

I am delighted with this experience and I am glad to have met you.

Well beyond the "technical" method, it is your approach and your finesse in the inner attitude that particularly touched me.

It's amazing for me to see how I'm able to be very right in my mindset in certain areas, and yet fail to transpose it into other areas. In intimate relationships, our field of work, we're used to saying that "the subject is not the subject", that it's the inner attitude, the intention we're in before the interaction, that creates the experience and ultimately the result.

For us, it's all about "wanting to be with" the other, loving the other by welcoming him/her as he/she is, and being deeply present to the experience. And I discover that I can see the cold as a friend, not in struggle or confrontation, but in gentleness, in relaxation, to be deeply present, to "be with him/her", rather than against him/her, to welcome him/her.

So yes, it's who you are that makes this workshop valuable to me. It is your way of taking care by being intensely present and relaxed at the same time. Your way of taking care of us while allowing freedom, your way of indicating without imposing, of inviting without constraining. This fluidity that mixes strength and gentleness gives us the courage and the belief that it is possible.

It is your background, far beyond the WHM, that gives me this feeling of reasoning with you. I have the feeling that we've studied similar areas around the unconscious, the inner child, bodily feelings and how to get in touch with the life force that drives us to live and make sense by helping others, despite all life's difficulties.

And I think I deeply needed that. Needed to feel hope, needed to recognize myself in you/you with Andreas, needed this approach that creates connection rather than confrontation or separation.  

You've given me a gift of great value: to remember to re-invite tenderness, acceptance, balance and trust into my life, especially when things go wrong. I don't yet know how, but I do know that I'd like to continue on this journey with you, and I'd also be delighted to help our skills grow and bear fruit.

Researcher in alternative medicine, specializing in the mind-body connection

Testimonials on your experience

By Adiiya

An incredible day where I was able to take a moment for myself, breathe and challenge myself in the cold. Thank you Lydie-Anne for your kindness, joy and desire to help others, and thank you Andreas for being there to help and support !

Par Stef

Superb day with Lydie, Andréas, Luisa and Sylvain. Beautiful day shared with my 16-year-old son. I highly recommend doing it as a family, it's very powerful. Lydie is a remarkable guide, surrounded by her great team. team. Come without moderation. A great experience. Thanks to the whole team.

By Franck Truong

Thank you Lydie-Anne and Andreas for such a wonderful day ! I really enjoyed the place, the food, connecting to such beautiful people, the loving-kindness of the teaching team ! This workshop gave me a real boost of vitality and helped me reset ! I feel fresh, alive and much more resilient at this time of the year where I usually tend to become more lethargic. That's some amazing work and knowlegde you are spreading. Thank you so much, Franck

By Jennifer Crail

Second weekend with Lydie-Anne and the Vitalice team. Thank you again for this new experience, always more beautiful and stronger each time. You are love, warmth and strength at the same time and you help us to pick up the cold as a real gift. The gift of the present moment. See you soon. With much love. Jennifer

By Violaine du Boucher

The team was exceptional : caring, thoughtful, empowering, positive and very precise in the teaching sessions. Great job and great experience!

By Patrice Billig

Lydie is a wonderful instructor of the Wim hof method Available, attentive .... I had an excellent 3 day course I highly recommend Patrice

By Gaëlle Abiven

I recommend this workshop with Lydie-Anne! For her presence, her care in the accompaniment, her clear transmission, both theoretical and practical and her great generosity! We were pampered, welcomed in a wonderful place! A fantastic weekend that I will not forget.

By Julien-Reynier

An incredible weekend. A learning adapted to the rhythm of each person, listening, teaching and human. Thank you Lydie-anne and Andréas for the transmission of your knowledge, done with love and kindness.

By Didier

Lydie-Anne has found her way in the instruction and discovery of the WHM. She is passionate about her life experience!

By Joëlle

What an enriching experience! Thank you for the atmosphere of benevolence and emulation that allowed me to which allowed me to go beyond my limits. The site of the course is in the middle of nature: decompression guaranteed!

By Thierry

This course was a very good experience. Step by step, we discovered the breathing techniques, then the exposure to the cold until the ice water bath. The bath under an "invigorating" waterfall will remain an outstanding memory. Lydie-Anne is an excellent instructor who knows how to adapt to the different students. The atmosphere was very pleasant and friendly, and beyond the discovery of the WHM, this course allowed me to discover beautiful people. I would like to do it again.

By Berna de Rijke

The weekend was a real Wim Hof EXPERIENCE. The nature elements (location, river, waterfall, tipi) were very well chosen and more impressive than the ice bath. It was a pity that we could not get to the Druise waterfall due to the heavy rainfall, but the alternative was as spectacular. Lydie-Anne is a very pleasant person, she clearly explained the various steps and made sure that everyone in the group was feeling comfortable and was able to follow. I would definitely recommend Lydie-Anne's workshop to everyone who is interested in practicing the WHM and we might come back for another EXPERIENCE!

By Dorte Munk Jacobsen

Hi Lydie-Anne, thank you for a great course. I came as the mother of the family and knew very little about Wim Hof and the method. I left impressed and convinced. Despite the very bad weather Sunday morning you managed to change the program on the fly to give us a great experience. Also a great thanks to Andreas, his drumming as accompaniment to your music and voice made the breathing exercise very special. Should I give a little critic, then I would have liked to start a little earlier Sunday morning, my impression is that most people was ready by 9 am, but it may be a question to ask each group. Thank you for a great experience.

By Aron Berglund Kronqvist - Sweden

- Instructors were exceptionally observant to my needs and how to adjust the practice to my physiology, I felt totally safe the whole time - Andeas was fantastic in explaining the method in easy to grasp terms. - Sharing experiences with other participants felt really important, its good that we took time to learn about other's experinces!

By Johan Thelander

Well done, especially with regards to it being their first in Sweden.

By Sara Åkerlindh - Sweden

One thing that hit me was that I felt so safe. After the first bath we went in and danced to music and I jumped around like a lunatic. You only do that when you feel absolutely safe. There was a separate changing room for women, that was nice. I enjoyed the tea, the fruit and the nuts. I had very good comforting speach at the ice bath. It was a good packing list. The lights by the lake made it magical and much more easy to endure the cold!

By Reine Anderson - Sweden

A very rewarding course two very committed instructors who helped us through all the difficulties that arose during the day. Thanks for a wonderful day ❤️

By Kévin

Excellent. Lots of explanations and practice, gradually allowing all participants to end up in the ice water! Also, a good dose of benevolence!

By Vincent

I found this experience amazing... pushing my own limits and deepen my self-understanding... I loved it.. Love you guys ...WWOOO HHAAAA

By Patrice

An excellent course, with a very good atmosphere. Lydie is competent, pleasant, attentive and caring ......... She has and shares a good and beautiful spirit, I will return.

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Our dear partners & friends

The Art of Movement

Roni ZUNTZ - Israel

Movement-Animal Flow Teacher

Roni is an oriniginal from Israel. She is our little ray of sunshine! She teaches Movement in all its forms. During the workshops, she takes care of the circulation of energy in the body via Animal Flow, Gaga, Yoga, and many other methods.


"I am passionate about many things: God, nature, wisdom, visual arts, crafts, embodiment, dreams, consciousness, and of course, movement! After many years of practicing yoga, I was looking for a new energetic way to move. This is how I discovered movement culture, as it is called in my hometown, Haifa (Israel) the #mouvmentculture. For the past 3 years I have been practicing intensively and extensively under the guidance of Karin Bensabat who was a student of Ido Portal, the person who developed this new approach to movement."


Amanda GUSTAFSSON - Sweden

Design student and photographer in Sweden

Amanda has been our photographer in Sweden since the beginning of VitalICE. She studies design, has a keen eye for detail, a perfectionist's eye for discretion... she knows how to capture the intimacy in a photo, but also how to bring the image to life with her visual talents.









Sylvain CHAMPY - France

Architect and photographer


With a background in architecture, Sylvain has developed over the years and through his travels a singular eye for photography. Practising the Wim Hof method since 2019, he joined the Vitalice team at the end of 2021 to accompany and immortalise these very special moments during the courses. 


"Through my lens, I seek to capture the emotions that emerge in each of the participants, the group spirit and brotherhood that grows as the hours pass. By staying by your side throughout the day, you will be able to enjoy this experience to the fullest and you will be able to discover it in photos and videos for your greatest pleasure.

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