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VitalIce, one-on-one - Individual sessions

One-on-One - Individual Sessions

One-on-One - Individual sessions 4H or 6H

Private session with 1 certified instructor.

In a natural place in the Drôme, or in a private wood, I teach you the basics of the Wim Hof Method and its 3 pillars: Breathing, Coldness and a better use of your Mind.

Master the breathing techniques specific to this practice, the keys to using cold in your daily life, and how your mind can be used as a central pillar to better direct your life.

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*Note that there is an additional cost for travel


4-hour session

1 person


Together we learn the basics of the breathing method - We do 1 cold immersion (either ice bath or natural environment depending on the possibilities).

6-hour session

1 person


Together we learn the basics of the breathing method as well as the advanced method. We do 1 cold immersion (either ice bath or natural environment depending on the possibilities).

Couple formula 6 hours

2 persons


The basic and advanced breathing method - 1 immersion in ice bath and or nature

2 types of coaching in private sessions


I will meet you from March to June in the foothills of the Vercors, or in the Gorges of the Ardeche. In an exceptional place, near a glacial spring, surrounded by a surprising nature! I will accompany you in depth in the acquisition of the fundamentals of the Wim Hof Method. Putting it into practice in a natural setting.

Course of action


2 one-hour online classes with the instructor + Work to be done at home (training)


2 or 4 hour practice session in nature. Basic breathing. Mental and physical preparation. Ice bath and cold water bath.


You live within a radius of 1H30 maximum around Valencia (26) - Have a quiet place and a space to put a small ice pool.
I come to your place for a private Wim Hof Method session (max 3 people).


2 one-hour online classes with the instructor + Work to be done at home (training)


2 or 4 hour home practice session. Basic WHM breathing. Mental and physical preparation. Ice bath. Questions and advice tailored to your needs.

Private session? Or a group course?

The Wim Hof Method recreates a connection with oneself, with others, with nature. 

Individual coaching has many advantages. However, group coaching has become our core business! We are a team of instructors, complementary, international, with notable differences and I seek to develop this value in the group work of our courses, and more generally in my partnerships. 

The sharing of experiences between members in a group is valued, mutual aid and support are beneficial and help to surpass oneself. The dynamics of a heterogeneous group will allow to increase tenfold the experience lived: in breathing, in the cold, in games and movement, then globally in all exchanges. We often see in our workshops people making beautiful encounters, making unexpected discoveries and meeting again outside the workshop. The diversity of perspectives and thesocial learning through another person will create a mirror to grow. These elements are essential when one wishes to overcome a blockage (social for example), a state of confinement, a burn out... Or simply to grow and learn from oneself and others.

Each approach has its advantages and it is important to choose the one that best suits each situation and each individual. Here are the main interests of a private session with advice on how to prepare it well.


Lydie-Anne Laville - Saturday, May 20th 2023

*Personal guide: During our coaching session, I offer you a comprehensive guide to the essential theoretical elements of the Wim Hof Method. This guide will enable you to continue learning in depth. It will also help you set up your own daily chilling and breathing routine! You'll discover tips on habits, working on your "Why" and defining your goals.

Get ready to dive into a transformative experience and explore the incredible benefits of the Wim Hof Method with this exclusive guide! ️❄️

Individual attention: One of the main advantages of one-on-one coaching is that the focus is entirely on the individual. The instructor can focus on the specific needs, challenges and personal goals of the coachee. This allows for more focused coaching tailored to their unique needs (personal goals, burn out, anxiety work, why work...)

Confidentiality: Individual coaching sessions provide a safe and confidential space to explore sensitive issues. Individuals can talk openly about their concerns, emotions and difficulties without fear of being judged or compromising their reputation in front of a group.

*Advice: target your needs, your request, before the appointment. Take the time to ask yourself the right questions about your preferences, your availability, your way of approaching novelty etc.. We can agree on several small sessions according to your desires for example.

Flexibility: Personalized coaching allows for greater flexibility in scheduling sessions. We agree on a schedule that suits our respective availability, which facilitates commitment and attendance in the coaching process.

Personalization : One-on-one coaching allows methods, exercises and approaches to be tailored to the specific needs of the individual. The instructor can further customize the coaching process to meet the goals, preferences, and learning style of the coachee, which promotes more effective growth and development.

*Tip: If you wish, you can use the Wim Hof Method to achieve personal goals. It lends itself perfectly to the principles of mental preparation. Make the WHM an ally towards your goals.

Deepening: With one-on-one coaching, it is possible to explore issues in depth and work on more specific aspects. The instructor can ask probing questions, provide specific feedback, and help the person to think more deeply, which facilitates a deeper understanding of oneself and promotes lasting change.

Focus on goals: In a one-on-one setting, coaching can focus entirely on the individual's personal goals. There are no distractions or other priorities to take into account, allowing for maximum focus on achieving the goals.

*Tip: setting your goal is going to be important in that you are going to give meaning to the learning and include it in a project that goes beyond simple discovery.

Individual session - I ask myself the right questions to guide my support.

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